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Olmec Nation

Library of TuTul-Xiu


The Olmec Nation is a North America indigenous lineage, spiritual animism shamanism and North Amerindian political organization founded in the United States by Dawn F. Jackson, the High Priestess of Olmec Nation in 2012. In addition, two Olmec Nation bloodline sons, Chief 3rd Eye Harris and Chief Makadewa Hunter. This organization identifies itself as promoting a form of Olmec Civilization with that being the “mother culture” of many other North Amerindian tribe cultures. The Olmec Nation operates as a centralized and hierarchical family bloodline organization and a North Amerindian matriarchal group that politically promotes all North Amerindian indigenous issues and Human Rights.

Book Links

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The Stairway to Heaven by Zecharia Sitchin
The Transformation of Virginia 1740-1790 by Rhys Isaac
The Ultimate Timeline of World History First edition published in 2012 for North America by Barron’s Educational Series, Inc.
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